Methodology of Testing Foil Bearings in the Start-Stop Cycle in the Presence of a Working Medium - Stabilization of Temperature in the Test Chamber

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Bartosz Moczulak
Wojciech Miąskowski


The article presents the methodology of testing sliding bearings with a flexible shell, focusing on the issue of temperature increase during experiments for a specific time interval of the START-STOP test cycle. Selected material pairs, used in previous studies, were used in the experiment. The stand used for tests in the start-stop cycle was developed under the project POIG.01.03.01-00-027 / 08-00 at the Faculty of Technical Sciences UWM in Olsztyn.

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Moczulak, B., & Miąskowski, W. (2020). Methodology of Testing Foil Bearings in the Start-Stop Cycle in the Presence of a Working Medium - Stabilization of Temperature in the Test Chamber. Agricultural Engineering , 24(3), 63-72. Retrieved from


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