Energy Assessment of the Pneumatic Sieve Separator for Agricultural Crops

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Yevhen Mykhailov
Natalia Zadosna
Marina Postnikova
Ganna Pedchenko
Vasyl Khmelovskyi
Mariia Bondar
Aleksey Ionichev
Michał Kozdęba
Wioletta Tomaszewska-Górecka


As a result of energy assessment of a pneumatic sieve separator for agricultural crops it was determined that the specific energy consumption of the experimental pneumatic sieve separator was 0.18 kW·year·t−1. It is lower than in case of its domestic and foreign equivalents. For instance, the specific energy consumption of the separator of preliminary grain purification called SPO-50 (Ukraine) is 0.31 kW·year·t−1, and that of the machine of preliminary grain purification called MPO-50 (Russia) is 0.38 kW·year·t−1. Specific energy consumption of a pneumatic sieve separator is 1.72-2.11 times lower than in case of its domestic and foreign counterparts.

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Mykhailov, Y., Zadosna, N., Postnikova, M., Pedchenko, G., Khmelovskyi, V., Bondar, M., Ionichev, A., Kozdęba, M., & Tomaszewska-Górecka, W. (2021). Energy Assessment of the Pneumatic Sieve Separator for Agricultural Crops. Agricultural Engineering , 25, 147-156.


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