Agricultural Engineering Journal publishes research and review papers within 5 research areas: agricultural engineering, production engineering, food processing engineering, construction and exploitation of machines and renewable energy sources.

Within the scope of agricultural engineering, the journal publishes papers that concern: a production technique of animal raw materials and products; mathematical modelling and optimization of systems as well as processes in agricultural production; organization and economics of mechanization of agriculture, designing and equipment of agricultural farms.

Within the scope of production engineering, the journal publishes papers than concern: designing products and processes, controlling production processing, organization, and management of the production process.

Within the scope of food processing engineering, the journal publishes papers that concern: technology, properties of raw materials and products in the agri-food industry; processes; devices; control and automation in agri-food industry; organization of production; safety and hygiene of food production, energy issues.

Within the scope of construction and exploitations of machines, the journal publishes papers that concern: designing of farm machines and devices as well as machines and devices for processing of produce; exploitation and reliability of farm machines and devices for processing of produce.

Within the scope of renewable energy sources, the journal publishes the papers concerning: technologies used in renewable energy sources, obtaining and processing of raw materials used in RES, construction and exploitation of machines used in RES, energy balance, economic aspects of energy production.

Types of published papers

  1. Survey articles that present a contemporary state and trends of development of knowledge within the scope of particular subjects within the area of mechanization engineering.
  2. Scientific articles including original results of the completed theoretical or experimental studies, the content of which may influence the increase of the scientific knowledge concerning mechanical engineering.
  3. Scientific messages, presenting separated fragments of the research that are being carried out, and original research stands, methods of measures or methods of elaboration of the results of measures.

The process of review

  1. At least two independent reviewers outside the unit of the author are appointed for assessment of each paper.
  2. In case of texts which were written in a foreign language, at least one reviewer is appointed from a foreign institution other than the author's nationality.
  3. Authors and reviewers do not know each other’s identity (double-blind review process).
  4. The review should be made in writing and should have a final conclusion, determining whether the project can be published or rejected.
  5. The principles of qualification of articles for publication are given on the web page of the publisher.
  6. Surnames of reviewers of particular articles are not revealed, the journal publishes the list of reviewers on the web page.

Rejection Rate: 35%

Similarity Check Plagiarism Screening System

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