Research on Quality of Maize Grain as a Result of the Application of an Innnovative System for Storing Grain Under Operating Conditions

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Anna Bartkowiak
Weronika Gracz
Damian Marcinkowski
Damian Skrzypek
Szymon Wojtaszyk


This study analyses the results of research on the improvement of grain quality using a filling core in a grain silo. The research is a part of the research project aimed at developing an innovative system for drying and storing maize grain that, among other benefits, reduces grain damage. Two series were carried out: a control series, in which a chute was applied as the main element, and an operation series, in which a cascade chute was used for testing. The analysis conducted on the simulated operating conditions showed a 4-5-fold reduction in the amount of grain damaged following the application of the filling core compared with the control series. It has also been shown that a 6-meter cascade chute considerably decreases the velocity of the falling grain when loading the silo.

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Bartkowiak, A., Gracz, W., Marcinkowski, D., Skrzypek, D., & Wojtaszyk, S. (2019). Research on Quality of Maize Grain as a Result of the Application of an Innnovative System for Storing Grain Under Operating Conditions. Agricultural Engineering , 23(3), 15-28.


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