Verification of the Measurement System in a Production Organization

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Miroslav Prístavka
Pavol Findura
Ivan Beloev
Maciej Kuboń
Veronika Hrdá
Stepan Kovalyshyn
Taras Shchur


Monitoring the accuracy of meters by qualified workers and managers is a preventive measure of every organization. The paper focuses on monitoring the accuracy of measuring devices and proposes preventive and corrective actions. The discussed measurement device was tested for accuracy using accuracy indexes Cg and Cgk. The identified deviations in measurements showed that the meter was not fully efficient. Consequently, actions were taken to ensuring that the measurement device is accurate.

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Prístavka, M., Findura, P., Beloev, I., Kuboń, M., Hrdá, V., Kovalyshyn, S., & Shchur, T. (2022). Verification of the Measurement System in a Production Organization. Agricultural Engineering , 26, 81-90.


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